Family Sharing Vehicle Tracking

Keeping an eye on your family with family vehicle tracking.

Family Sharing Vehicle Tracking

If your teenager has recently passed their test or has been driving a while, then it’s certainly beneficial to be able to track it remotely. In this way, you can know the whereabouts of your kids and keep them safe. It will also protect the car from getting stolen as well and may reduce insurance premiums. 

Monitor Driver Behaviour

View location of vehicle

Prevent vehicle theft

Insurance discounts

Benefits of family tracking

  • You can track the real-time location and whereabouts of your kids.
  • Most of these tools will alert you if the vehicle is stolen or being tampered with so you can take action to prevent things from going worse.
  • You will get instant notifications whenever your kids use the car.
  • Parents can also track the past routes taken by their kids.
  • You can also know if your kids are leaving or visiting an area by setting geofences.
  • Some trackers also monitor the speed of the vehicle so that you can know if your kids are driving fast.
tracking telematics for fleet

Family Sharing

You and your family members have the option to add vehicles to a Family Account whilst sharing location data; or set up individual accounts.

Insurance Discounts

As teenagers often get high insurance policies, a benefit of the ScorpionTrack is that it’s a Thatcham approved device, meaning you could get a discount on your insurance.

tracking telematics for fleet

Get started with family tracking

We offer unrivalled support and will talk you through the process and explain how the software works- so if you’re not tech-savvy, don’t worry, our software is simple to use.

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