Live Mapping

Vehicle Position, speed, bearing, ignition state info plotted on live tracking map.

Live Map Overview

ScorpionTrack Fleet's robust tracking technology is accompanied by an extensive and feature rich web based live tracking map screen. The vehicle tracking map is an integral part of any fleet management system and therefore ScorpionTrack Fleet's live map brings all of our extensive features together into an integrated mapping solution.

Live Map Interface

The live map screen is divided into two parts, firstly the user interface side-bar on the left. The side-bar is comprised of the following four sections: vehicles, drivers alerts and geofences. These tabs allow you to easily control what filters to apply and which dynamic information to display on the map at any given time.

Live Map Features

The second part is the actual map view itself. The map view incorporates useful features such as vehicle tracking, full screen mode, address lookup, create a geofence and show geofences. The map is capable of live tracking and can be configured to automatically follow a single vehicle or driver, a vehicle group or the entire fleet of vehicles at any given time.

When tracking vehicles, associated vehicle position information is not only shown alongside the map in the side-bar interface but also with the vehicle marker actually on the map. This associated information which is updated in real-time includes: vehicle state (idling, speeding, ignition state), bearing, speed, current driver, auxiliary information and the current address using our active geocoding system.

Rich User Experience

In addition, because we use the most recent version of the Google Maps service all of the Google features such as Satellite, Google Traffic and Street View are also fully supported. 100% online based mapping guarantees full iPad and Android tablet support and enables full global coverage.

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