Google Maps & Street Integration

Full screen mapping, street view, traffic overlays, address lookup, satellite view and more.

Google Maps

ScorpionTrack Fleet's mapping technology is proudly based on the Google Maps service. The nature of an online mapping service allows you to keep up to date without ever needing to download or update your existing maps.

Innovative Mapping

ScorpionTrack Fleet's innovative mapping solutions allow vehicle position updates to be processed quickly and converted into meaningful visual data that you are able to instantly utilise. Our mapping technology clearly stands out from the competition as we strongly believe that live vehicle tracking and mapping is more than just a map marker and a vehicle name.

Detailed Tracking Information

ScorpionTrack Fleet's unique live map info window provides highly detailed position information such as speed, bearing, auxiliary information, the current driver, vehicle ignition state and much more, finally our active geocoding system converts the vehicle location into a meaningful address in real-time.

Rich User Experience

We will always provide the latest version of the Google Maps service and this means you receive updates and new features as and when they are released by Google. This enables us to provide a rich user experience such as full screen mapping, street view, traffic overlays, address lookup, satellite view and other mapping overlays such as triggered alerts and geofences.

100% online based mapping guarantees full iPad and Android tablet support and enables full global coverage. Google's highly reliable and intuitive mapping service has become the industry standard, but when coupled with ScorpionTrack Fleet's industry leading fleet management software is a perfect combination for success and puts us miles ahead of the competition.

Integrated Mapping Solution

Innovative mapping not only allows you to track your fleet operations on the live map, in addition our mapping solutions are integrated throughout our system, ScorpionTrack Fleet provides specific maps allowing you to view alerts that have been previously triggered and also any information associated with that alert. Maps are used to dynamically create and view geofences and geofence alerts. There are also specific maps that appear on all reports that are generated online allowing you to view the vehicle track of any single journey or all journeys over a specific time period.

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