Real Time Updates

Easily and accurately manage your entire fleet with real-time updates.

Quality British Engineering

ScorpionTrack Fleet provides real-time updates from our advanced British made tracking device. Our tracking device is manufactured in our own specialised plant and has been developed in collaboration with both our research and development team and in house software engineers.

This fully integrated approach maximises the compatibility between the tracking device, server and software solution. We are therefore are able to provide an outstanding quality of service unrivalled by many of our competitors. ScorpionTrack Fleet is part of the Scorpion Group, a trusted brand established in vehicle security since 1973.

Real-Time Tracking Technology

Our device monitors the location of your vehicle in real-time using GPS satellite technology. This position data is then transmitted using our own proprietary compression technology over the mobile GSM network.

The unit transmits data at least once every minute and each update will contain at least six vehicle positions (one every ten seconds). This data is received and then processed in less than 10 milliseconds by our highly capable servers provided by Rackspace Dedicated Hosting and Rackspace Cloud.

Real-Time Dynamic Content

This allows you to monitor all of your vehicles in real-time on the live map and dashboards. In addition to vehicle tracking, ScorpionTrack Fleet provides other dynamic real-time information about vehicles, alerts, drivers and geofences and much more, all of which are updated dynamically by our server and innovative web application without the user needing to ever refresh the page.

Part of the
Scorpion Group

From a Trusted Brand established in Vehicle Security since 1973.
UK based Manufacturer