Why ScorpionTrack Fleet?

100% Web Based

Our 100% web based application can be accessed online 24-7 from any location. This means no software downloads/installation and a proven track record for reliability.

ScorpionTrack Fleet has full support for hand held tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and Android. This means you no longer need to be tied to your desk to keep up with the latest from the field. Access to real-time information allows you to instantly locate and track vehicles from anywhere, at any time.

Easy To Use

ScorpionTrack Fleet continually receives positive feedback from our customers and they almost always say the same thing - "how powerful yet easy and intuitive to use our fleet management system is, compared to others they have used in the past."

Aside from the positive benefits this delivers for end users, this also reduces training and support costs for you and your business.

Quality British Engineering

ScorpionTrack Fleet provides real-time updates from our advanced British made tracking device. Our tracking device is manufactured in our own specialised plant and has been developed in collaboration with both our research and development team and in house software engineers.

This fully integrated approach maximises the compatibility between the tracking device, server and software solution. We are therefore are able to provide an outstanding quality of service unrivalled by many of our competitors. ScorpionTrack Fleet is part of the Scorpion Group, a trusted brand established in vehicle security since 1973.

Reduce Fleet Costs

ScorpionTrack Fleet allows you to access real-time KPIs including but not limited to: fuel cost, driver behaviour and comprehensive vehicle/driver journey statistics.

Scheduled reports allow you to make informed business decisions based on daily, weekly or monthly fleet data over a wide range of parameters for the previous 365 days.

Fully customisable alerts can be created that can warn you against potential hazards as and when they happen which enables you to decide in seconds if intervention is required. The idle and speed alerts can indicate when a vehicle has been idling longer than the specified idle constraint or if a vehicle is exceeding the specified speed constraint, to name just two.

This will enable you to lower fuel usage through reduction of unnecessary driving, unauthorised use, fuel theft, excess speeding or excess idling. This ensures that no fuel is wasted, which in turn allows you to decrease running costs and increases profit.

Lower Environmental Impact

With stricter legislation relating to CO2 emissions being introduced by most of the developed world, non-compliance is a non-option. ScorpionTrack Fleet enables you to measure and reduce your carbon footprint promoting environmental sustainability and a more efficient workforce.

Increase Fleet Utilisation

ScorpionTrack Fleet's innovative fleet management software will ensure that your fleet is operating at its full potential, which increases productivity and in turn saves time and money. This increase in operational efficiency, means a potential reduction in the number of fleet vehicles you require to support your business.

Configure complex solutions that meet your unique requirements and maximise the potential of your fleet.

Part of the
Scorpion Group

From a Trusted Brand established in Vehicle Security since 1973.
UK based Manufacturer