Once again, BBC production company, Crook Productions visited Scorpion Automotive HQ earlier this year, filming an episode for the third series of the highly acclaimed ‘Thief Trackers’.
Currently broadcast on BBC1, BBC2 and BBC iPlayer, this latest episode features the theft and speedy recovery of a ScorpionTrack customer’s Doosan DX27Z Mini Excavator.

Our customer, a Stockport based construction company, was alerted to the excavator’s movement from its site when Scorpion’s 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring Centre received a series of movement alerts.

Scorpion’s Monitoring Centre called the owner, to enquire whether himself or his staff were moving the vehicle. Upon checking, the owner noticed the excavator was gone and confirmed it had been stolen. Scorpion’s Monitoring Centre made immediate contact with Greater Manchester Police and remained in constant communication providing on-going updates as to the thieves’ location and every turn as they navigated their way through local streets and towards the M60 motorway. Data transmitted from the Scorpion tracking device also indicated that the vehicle was being towed, so the Police were duly advised.

The Police quickly intercepted the stolen excavator and noticed it on a trailer pulled by a Ford Transit moving northbound. The Police followed the thieves onto the M60 motorway near Bredbury and after a few miles, took the decision to stop the vehicle on the Junction 21 runoff joining the A6104 at Chadderton.

The Police secured the vehicle and discovered that the Ford Transit used to tow the excavator had false number plates and also stolen. 2 vehicles recovered for the price of 1!

It took just 50 minutes between the time of theft confirmation and the Police securing the vehicle. Our customer was delighted to have his excavator returned with no business disruption, insurance implications or additional plant hire costs. What’s more is that the thieves have been taken out of circulation!

Another successful recovery thanks to ScorpionTrack’s Stolen Vehicle Tracking technology and the skills of Scorpion’s Monitoring Centre working 24/7/365 with Police Forces throughout the UK and beyond.

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