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ScorpionTrack Device

  • ONLY £299 inc. VAT, plus your installation.

ScorpionTrack Stolen Vehicle Monitoring Subscription

To allow us to monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day, everyday for as long as you own it, we need you to subscribe to our Stolen Vehicle Monitoring Service.

  • Annual Subscription: £130 per Annum inc. VAT
    Cheapest subscription in the UK.
  • 2 Year Subscription: £220 inc. VAT - £40 Saving
  • 3 Year Subscription: £300 inc. VAT - £90 Saving
  • 4 Year Subscription: £350 inc. VAT - £170 Saving

ScorpionTrack KeyGuard

ScorpionTrack KeyGuard is a subscription upgrade available to you which offers a text message alert direct to your chosen number notifying you when the vehicles ignition is turned on.

  • ONLY £30 inc. VAT per Annum.

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