ScorpionTrack KeyGuard

ScorpionTrack KeyGuard

What is ScorpionTrack KeyGuard

ScorpionTrack KeyGuard is a subscription upgrade available to you which offers a text alert direct to your chosen number notifying you when the vehicles ignition is turned on.

You can turn KeyGuard on and off whenever you require, as many times as you like, which can be done via your ScorpionTrack customer account online via Computer or any Smartphone / Tablet.

What Are The Benefits

KeyGuard offers protection against the following scenarios:

  • Early warning upon theft of vehicle with keys
  • Notification of unauthorised use of vehicle by other members of family who may have access to Keys, i.e teenage children whilst the owner is away from home
  • Notification of unauthorised use whilst vehicle and keys are in the charge of long stay parking organisations

What Does it Cost

The service cost of KeyGuard is £30 inc.VAT per annum on top of the customers chosen subscription. This will enable the KeyGuard feature and supply 5 x text alerts per month and is simply administered online when you register via your online account. If more text alerts are required, bundles of 100 text's can be purchased online for £15 inc.VAT.

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180 Seconds

Scorpion's Answer to new Keyless Car Crime!

Sophisticated car thieves can now plug into the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port on your BMW or Audi and take control of the security system on your car. It takes them seconds to then program a new key and then just drive away in your car. - National Newspaper

The answer is to fit an additional Sterling Immobiliser from £129 inc VAT fitted by one of our many approved installers, and/or to fit the latest ScorpionTrack with KeyGuard which will send you text alerts notifying you when your vehicles ignition is turned on, whether it is stolen with or without keys.

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