NFU Mutual Datatool S5 Tracker

DATATOOL Stealth is the most advanced motorcycle tracker available. Fully Thatcham and insurance approved, the tracker counteracts all known methods of bike theft including key cloning and relay theft.

  • Counteracts all known methods of motorcycle theft.
  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags provide immediate theft detection
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by DATATOOL and a 96% recovery rate in case of theft.
  • UK insurer approved device that often results in reduced insurance costs.
  • Fully endorsed by leading motorcycle manufacturers including Honda, BMW, Yamaha & Triumph
  • Free fitting at your location by our expert engineers.

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Tracker Details


DATATOOL Stealth S5 responds to all known methods of vehicle theft including techniques used by the modern-day thief such as ‘relay theft’, ‘key cloning’, or various means in which the vehicles’ onboard computer is hacked.


Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags to provide immediate theft detection if the vehicle is stolen without keys.

Supplied with Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags – if the vehicle is moved without a tag detected, the unit sends an alert to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre who, in turn, will contact you to confirm whether a theft has occurred.


DATATOOL Stealth S5 is supplied with Rider ID tags that deliver a significant security enhancement on any other bike tracker.

As soon as the ignition is switched off, Stealth S5 creates an invisible geofence around your bike and starts monitoring for signs of unauthorised movement.

If the unit detects movement within the geo-fence the (optional) early warning movement text will be triggered, informing you of a potential theft event. If your bike is subsequently removed from the geofenced area without the Rider ID tags present, Stealth S5 will enter alert mode, notifying our 24/7/365 monitoring centre, who will in turn contact you immediately to verify the cause of the alert. If you confirm your bike is stolen, the monitoring team will liaise with the police to aid recovery.