Motorhome & Caravan Security Systems

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Motorhome Caravan Security Systems Vehicle Tracking –
fully approved to the Police Authority, Insurance & Thatcham Category S5-VTS & S7-ALS

Fit the Ultimate Security & Save up to 25% on your Insurance*

Your motorhome or caravan is a significant financial investment and one which you and your family will have developed an emotional bond too. So – it’s important you take steps to keep it safe and secure. Established in 1973, Scorpion Automotive have a long established track record of developing, manufacturing and supplying motorhome and caravan security systems that evolve with changing technologies and the increasingly sophisticated methods of theft.

* Please note: Featured insurance premium discounts relate to Caravan Guard touring caravan and motorhome insurance policies. Discounts are subject to minimum premiums and are correct as of 02/03/2017 but may be subject to change. Maximum motorhome security device discount is 25%. Caravan Guard Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Recovery Systems

ScorpionTrack actively protects your motorhome or caravan against unauthorised movement using proven GPS technology along with movement detection sensors hidden within the vehicle.

Upon unauthorised movement of the vehicle, the tracking device will discretely notify our 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre of a possible theft. ScorpionTrack is able to provide vehicle speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location details – all communicated in real-time to the relevant Police control room.

Subject to environmental variables, ScorpionTrack is accurate to within 10 metres and continues to enjoy an outstanding track record of theft prevention.

Alarms & Immobiliser Systems

We manufacture and supply a range of Insurance Approved (Thatcham Accredited) electronic alarm and immobiliser systems for motorhome dealers and owners throughout the UK.

Our immobilisers are designed to work independently from the manufacturer’s in-built security so it’s not susceptible to attack from electronic hacking via a motorhome’s OBD port or known vulnerabilities.

Our Sigma S Series range offers a full remote control system linked to the vehicle’s central door locking, or to interface with the manufacturer’s pre-installed remote locking system. All models offer perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection.

Mobile Apps available on:

ScorpionTrack App Get It On Google Play ScorpionTrack App Download on the App Store

 Why Choose Scorpion?

  • Unique multi-layered approach to motorhome and caravan security providing the ultimate protection.
  • Standards compliant with the most rigorous of customer, security and Thatcham insurer requirements.
  • Massive cost savings on your insurance premiums of up to 25% (with Caravan Guard Insurance).
  • All installations are performed by Scorpion’s nationwide network of Authorised Dealers.
  • 3 year Warranty on all tracking products; 2 year Warranty on all alarm and immobiliser systems.
  • Motorhome KeyTheft and KeyGuard Protection.



Up to 25% insurance premium discount*
when fitting an approved Scorpion security system

As a leading motorhome and caravan insurance specialist, Caravan Guard rewards owners who take steps to reduce the risk of their property being stolen.

Caravan Guard offers significant premium discounts on the Thatcham Approved Scorpion products below.

Motorhome Security Systems &  Insurance Discounts*


Thatcham Cat S5-VTS & Cat S7-ALS Tracking Systems

   ScorpionTrack Cat S5-VTS 25% premium discount*
   ScorpionTrack Cat S7-ALS 25% premium discount*

All Scorpion Tracking systems are Thatcham Accredited. Applicable part numbers are:

STX7155 (ScorpionTrack CAT S5-VTS); | STX70 (ScorpionTrack CAT S7-ALS); | STX71 (ScorpionTrack HD CAT S7-ALS);

Thatcham Cat 1 Alarms & Immobilisers

  Sigma S30 19% premium discount*

Thatcham Cat 2-1 Alarm Upgrade of Cat 2 Immobiliser

  Sigma S32 19% premium discount*
  Sigma S34 19% premium discount*
  Sigma S35 19% premium discount*

Caravan Security Systems &  Insurance Discounts up to 15%


Cat S7-ALS Tracking System

ScorpionTrack STX70 or STX71 15% premium discount*

Caravan Alarm Systems

Scorpion Caravan 5% premium discount*

Combined Cat 6 Tracking & Alarm System

Scorpion Caravan ‘Track & Secure’ 15% premium discount*

Incorporates ScorpionTrack system and Sigma S34

Security System Upgrades


Motorhome ScorpionTrack – KeyGuard Upgrade

The KeyGuard system sends a text alert direct to your chosen number notifying you when your motorhome’s ignition is turned on. You can turn KeyGuard on and off whenever you choose, as many times as you like via your ScorpionTrack online customer account accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. KeyGuard is used by our motorhome customers to protect against a variety of scenarios: early warning upon theft of vehicle with keys; notification of unauthorised use of vehicle by other family members; notification of unauthorised use whilst vehicle and keys are in the charge of long stay parking / storage provider.


Motorhome Sigma ‘S’ Series – KeyTheft Upgrade

Whether you’re spending time on the beach, enjoying a walk or trying out a local restaurant – you’re at increased risk of losing your motorhome keys. Scorpion’s KeyTheft system extends the functionality of the Sigma S30, Sigma S32, Sigma S34 and Sigma S35 systems with a keypad immobiliser. So – even with keys, a 4 digit PIN code is required to disengage the immobilisation system and start the vehicle.

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