Fleet tracking is a system used to monitor and manage a fleet of vehicles through the use of GPS technology and telematics. This system collects and transmits real-time data about vehicle locations, movements, and status to a centralised platform, which can be accessed.

At ScorpionTrack, we offer sophisticated fleet tracking and management solutions designed to cater to the needs of both vehicle security and operational efficiency. Here’s how our systems operate:

Hardware Installation

Each vehicle in your fleet is equipped with our state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices. These devices are capable of not only tracking the vehicle’s exact location but also gathering a wide range of telematics data essential for effective fleet management.

Data Collection

Our devices work tirelessly to collect and record crucial data as your vehicles operate. This includes precise geographical positioning, speed, direction of travel, and comprehensive telematics data such as fuel consumption, engine status, and important diagnostic information.

Real-Time Monitoring

The data captured by our devices is transmitted in real time to our secure servers. As a fleet manager, you can access this data through our user-friendly web interface or mobile app, allowing you to monitor your fleet’s current locations and track their routes historically.

Geofencing and Alerts

We enable you to create geofences—virtual perimeters for real-world geographic areas—and set up alerts for specific events. This feature allows you to be notified instantly if vehicles enter or exit these areas, or if there are incidents of speeding or harsh driving, helping you maintain control over your fleet’s operations.

Reports and Analytics

Our system provides detailed reports and analytics that help you understand and optimise your fleet’s performance. You can access insights on travel history, stop times, vehicle usage patterns, and other efficiency metrics, all designed to help you reduce operational costs and improve service delivery.

Anti-Theft Features

Security is paramount at ScorpionTrack. Our devices include advanced anti-theft features such as starter immobilisation, which can prevent a vehicle from being started without authorisation, and robust stolen vehicle tracking capabilities to aid in the recovery of vehicles quickly and efficiently if stolen.

Compliance and Integration

Our solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with your existing business systems and help ensure that you remain compliant with industry regulations related to driver hours, vehicle maintenance, and more.

At ScorpionTrack, we pride ourselves on delivering robust, reliable, and easy-to-use fleet management and vehicle security solutions that not only track and manage your fleet efficiently but also significantly enhance vehicle security.

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