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Replacement Fobs

To order replacement ADR tag for an existing system, please contact with your vehicle registration and contact details.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the vehicle action descriptions and colours mean on the left hand side of the live map?

The action code and descriptions are as follows:

  • Ignition :  Ignition ON engine NOT running
  • Moving :  Moving with ignition and engine ON
  • Idle :  Ignition and engine ON
  • Parked :  Engine and ignition OFF
What does the ‘Follow Vehicle’ button do on the live map?

If you click on the ‘Follow Vehicle’ button, the system will automatically centre the map on that vehicle and will pursue it as it moves around.

How do I pay my subscriptions online?

Go to ‘Settings>>Subscription Management >> ’, Follow the onscreen instructions. 

Subscription payment can also be made via the Lotus Vehicle Tracker App under Settings >> Subscriptions.

For UK Customers, call 01257 249 928 (option 4 for the ‘Sales ‘Subscription Team’) to pay over the phone by card.

How do I set up an alert and allocate it to a vehicle?

Go to ‘Vehicle Management >> Alert’ – ‘create alert’. Once you have created the alert stay on the ‘alert’ tab and you will see a full list of alerts already created, click on the link ‘assign vehicles’ on the right hand text alongside the required alert and allocate accordingly.

How do I set up a Geofence?

Select ‘Vehicle Management >> Geofences’ then select ‘create geofence’ to add single area.  For further information on geofences, please see – Vehicle Management – Geofences’.

What does it mean if the LED on my ADR tag is flashing?

If the Red LED on the ADR tag constantly flashes, this indicates that the battery needs replacing. Do NOT ignore this as if the battery becomes too low, it will no longer flash the LED and stop working completely. This will result in an increased number of calls from the Lotus Vehicle Tracker Monitoring Team to confirm authentication of the vehicle’s movement.  For more information on how to changed the ADR tag battery, please go to ‘Section 4 – Driver ID (ADR) Tag – Low Battery Driver Tags’.

My insurer has requested a Certificate of Installation as proof that I have an Insurance Approved ScorpionTrack Stolen Vehicle Tracking system fitted to my vehicle(s).

Go to ‘Settings>>Subscription Management >> ’, click on the ‘Certificate’ link next to the appropriate vehicle(s). You will now be able to download/save a PDF Certificate that you can print or email accordingly.

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