When it comes to keeping your vehicle safe, a car tracker is a great way to safeguard your vehicle. In addition, if your car is ever stolen, the tracker will alert you and us, we work closely with the police to help recover your vehicle.

How does a car tracker work?

According to the DVLA, a car is stolen every seven minutes. A car tracker can give you peace of mind and prevent theft. Our car trackers protect your vehicle against unauthorised movement. As a result, if there is any unauthorised movement detected, ScorpionTrack will discretely notify our international control centre of a possible theft. It will then provide speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location details to the Police control room in the event of a theft. Accurate to within 10 metres, subject to environmental variables.
Our trackers are 4G capable making it a truly global product meaning we can track your vehicle anywhere in the world. (Limitations apply, contact us for more info).

Getting a car tracker fitted

As our devices are Thatcham Approved, we will provide you with a professional fitter to install the device at a time and place that is convenient to you.


With 24 hour monitoring of ScorpionTrack vehicle tracker, if your car moves without your permission, we will know about it!
ScorpionTrack’s award winning tracking devices are all insurance approved and designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Winners of ‘Security Product of the Year’ 2012-2013 ScorpionTrack vehicle trackers are amongst the best in the industry.

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