ScorpionTrack Fleet Features

Real Time Updates

Easily and accurately manage your entire fleet with real-time updates.

Google Maps & Street Integration

Full screen mapping, street view, traffic overlays, address lookup, satellite view and more.

Live Mapping

Vehicle Position, speed, bearing, ignition state info plotted on live tracking map.

Custom Dashboard

Your fleet ops and key performance indicators (KPI) graphs presented on a fully customisable dashboard.

Powerful Reporting

Fast, highly customisable and intuitive reporting and receive scheduled reports by email. View online and export to PDF, Excel or HTML for further processing.

Assign Vehicle Groups

Define, group and filter your fleet by depot, type or purpose. Also assign vehicles to multiple groups.

24/7 Message Alerts

Email or text alerts empower you to respond immediately to the latest situation from the field. All displayed on live map with audio notifications.

Custom Geofences

Highly customisable geofence system enabling you to designate specific areas where your vehicles are allowed or prohibited. Feature supports area designation by simple circles or complex shapes.

Know Exact Vehicle Locations

Our system converts every vehicle location into a meaningful address.

Flag Specific Journeys

Easily mark, save and retrieve any suspicious or unknown vehicle activities and journeys. 

Driver Login & Comparison

Option to allow drivers to login to monitor and improve their own driver behaviour, efficiency and manage their own mileage; compare KPI statistics against other drivers.

System Customisation

Extend functionality by choosing from a range of custom controls and sensors for your specific business needs such as: door open/closed, temperature monitoring, panic buttons, blue light services and much more.


Monitor and control exactly which actions each user of the system is allowed to perform, ScorpionTrack Fleet's powerful permission controlled access system provides a rich user experience while you are assured that business critical data remains secure.

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