Trackers for motorhomes are designed to enhance security and aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles. GPS trackers can be categorised into different levels, with Thatcham-approved S5 and S7 categories being popular choices. These trackers often come with features like real-time tracking, geofencing, and movement alerts. Installation of a tracker can potentially lower insurance premiums and provide peace of mind.

There is a cost associated with fitting and maintaining a tracker on a motorhome, which typically includes both the initial purchase and installation of the device, as well as ongoing subscription fees for the tracking service. Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved:

Initial Purchase and Installation

Purchase Price: The cost of the tracker device itself can vary widely depending on the brand, model, and the features it offers. Prices can range from relatively affordable to quite expensive for high-end models. For our Scorpion Defender S5 tracker, the unit price is £949.00.

Installation Fees: Professional installation is often recommended to ensure the tracker is fitted correctly and hidden from view, making it harder for thieves to locate and disable it. Some trackers require an additional fee for installation whereas our Defender S5 tracker includes free fitting in the UK.

Subscription Fees

Monthly or Annual Fees: Most tracking services require a subscription to access their tracking and monitoring services. These fees cover the cost of using the cellular network to transmit the vehicle’s location data and access to a control centre that can assist in the event of a theft. Subscription fees can vary significantly based on the level of service provided. The Price for our Defender S5 tracker subscription is as follows:

  • 1 Year subscription – £155
  • 2 Year Subscription – £255
  • 3 Year Subscription – £345
  • 4 Year Subscription – £425
  • 5 Year Subscription – £495

Additional Costs

Upgrade or Replacement: Over time, you may need to upgrade your tracker to a newer model with better technology or replace it if it becomes damaged.

Cancellation Fees: Some subscriptions may have cancellation fees if you decide to end the service before the contract term is up. At Scorpion, we don’t charge for cancellation, view our cancellation policy to learn more


Insurance Discounts: It’s worth noting that fitting a tracker might qualify you for a discount on your motorhome insurance, which can offset some of the costs of the tracker and its subscription fees. Companies like Caravan Guard offer a 25% discount on insurance when you have an approved tracking device.

Types of Trackers: The costs can also differ based on the type of tracker (e.g., Thatcham Category S5 vs S7), with more advanced systems typically costing more but offering higher levels of security and potentially greater insurance discounts. Our Defender S5 tracker is the most popular choice for motorhomes.

While there is a cost to purchasing and maintaining a motorhome tracker, many motorhome owners find the investment worthwhile for the peace of mind, enhanced security, and potential insurance benefits it provides.

If you’d like to improve your vehicle security, but don’t know where to start, get in touch and one of our expert advisors will talk you through the process, as well as helping find the best products for you and your vehicle within your budget.

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