Sterling Excel Transponder Immobiliser


Introducing the Sterling Excel Security System – your ultimate solution for safeguarding your vehicle against the most sophisticated thieves of today. Unlike relying solely on in-built vehicle security systems that might expose vulnerabilities, this advanced system operates independently, providing an unparalleled level of protection.

Designed for ease and simplicity, the Sterling Excel system empowers you with top-notch security without the need for specialized knowledge to operate. At the heart of this innovation lies a micro-processor-based immobilizer that seamlessly isolates two key electrical circuits in your vehicle every time the ignition is turned off. Remarkably, the unit’s quiescent current draw remains impressively low, consuming less than 10 mA.


This cutting-edge system is ingeniously activated by a specially coded tag, utilizing a unique code number that heightens security to the max. Comprising a transmitter/receiver unit strategically installed within your vehicle and a compact coded transponder tag conveniently carried by you, the Sterling Excel system ensures an unbeatable combination of security and convenience.

The transponder, sporting a smart antenna, draws power from the nearby transmitter's magnetic field, eliminating the need for a separate power source. As the transponder interacts with the receiver unit, transmitting exclusive encoded data, a successful match permits your vehicle to start effortlessly. Without the accurate transponder, starting the vehicle remains an impossible feat, offering an impenetrable layer of security.

Visual assurance comes in the form of a dash-mounted red status LED, serving both as a system status indicator and a potent visual deterrent. Elevate your vehicle's security with the Sterling Excel Security System – the epitome of modern protection that stands guard against even the most intricate threats.

Don't compromise on your vehicle's safety. Embrace the Sterling Excel Security System today and fortify your peace of mind. Experience uncompromising security; experience Sterling Excel.