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Sterling Touch 2 Multi-Point Immobiliser

The Sterling Touch is an advanced microprocessor based immobiliser designed to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen. The system will allow the vehicle to start when disarmed, this is achieved by pressing the uniquely coded touch key against the receptacle, or by entering the emergency override PIN code. Without using either the touch key or the PIN code the vehicle will not start. The system also incorporates an LED to indicate the status of the system as well as acting as a visual deterrent.

The Sterling Touch system has been rigorously tested by the insurance industry’s recognised research centre in Thatcham, and has met the necessary requirements of a Thatcham category 2 immobiliser.


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It operates separately from the vehicle’s on-board computer and therefore immune to attack from the OBD port. The system is deactivated by a coded touch-key operating without radio signal transponders therefore it cannot be decoded by RF scanning devices.

This system will arm itself in 60 seconds after the ignition is turned off – so you can’t forget to immobilise your vehicle. The system is simple to disarm too – using your coded anti-scan touch key, momentarily place it on a small, discreet dashboard mounted receptacle then start your vehicle.

The Sterling Touch 2 is supplied with 2 anti-scan touch keys to disarm the system and a PIN code override as a back-up in case you lose or damage both of your keys.

With a staggering rise in ‘electronic vehicle theft’, more and more vehicle owners are seeking a solution that is highly effective in the event of an attempted theft and the peace of mind that gives them when their vehicle is unattended.

As an Insurance Approved Thatcham Category 2 product, most major and reputable vehicle insurers will offer owners a premium discount. Depending on the vehicle type, these discounts can be considerable with the annual saving often and easily covering the purchase and installation price of the Sterling Touch 2 system.

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The ScorpionTrack mobile app allows you to remotely access and manage security, safety and convenience features including:

Vehicle location and status updates


Enable and disable multiple alert types


Activate and deactivate privacy mode

Touch ID or Pin Code Log-in

Account management and preferences

Select transport or garage modes

Find my vehicle with directions

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