Thank you for choosing the Scorpion M-Series S5 – designed and manufactured by Scorpion Automotive. Scorpion M-Series S5 is an advanced vehicle tracking solution with 24/7/365 theft monitoring to provide security and peace of mind whilst offering a comprehensive range of M-Series convenience features for life on the road.

Scorpion M-Series S5 includes the following key features:

  • Continuous monitoring of your vehicle for unauthorised movement via the Scorpion Automotive Monitoring Centre operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • UK Police Preferred Specification and Accreditation to the Thatcham TQA S5-VTS standard – which is is recognised by all major UK insurers.
  • Full journey history recording, uploaded online every 2 minutes
  • Comprehensive customer service.

As a covert security product, we recommend that you do not leave this guide in your vehicle and place with your vehicle documents.



In order to ensure our ability to action our stolen vehicle recovery procedure, it is of upmost importance that you check and complete all of the details in your online account, details of which have been emailed to you as part of the installation routine. If you need assistance in logging in to your account you can contact our Technical & Tracking Support team on 01257 249 928 (option 2) between 08:30 and 17:00 Monday to Friday. In the event of any future change to your contact details or a vehicle registration change, please send a message from the mobile app or online portal with the updated details or email tracking@scorpionauto.com.



A wide range of security & convenience features for life on the road. Scorpion M-Series S5 has an online portal and mobile app which allows you to login and view your vehicle’s location along with a wide range of convenience features designed for life on the road. Full details of these features and how to use them are available in the System User Guide. This is accessed from the online portal.

1. Standard Alerts
Once your subscription has been paid, the system will be active and the 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre will contact you by phone in the following circumstances:

  • If the vehicle is towed or moved without the Driver Recognition (ADR) tags present.
  • If the battery is disconnected or where the battery voltage drops or where the battery voltage drops significantly.

You will have been given an Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tag when your unit was installed. You will need to carry the ADR tag with you each time you drive the vehicle. If you forget to take the tag with you, or if your vehicle is taken without your permission and the tag is not present, you will receive a phone call to confirm whether or not a theft is in progress.

In any of these situations, the Monitoring Centre will ask you to confirm your security details. The Monitoring Centre will not be in a position to progress your enquiry without these details. However, once they have been confirmed and it has been determined that a theft has taken place, your vehicle will be located by our Monitoring Centre who will liaise directly with the police on your behalf. This procedure is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The system will track across the UK, Ireland and all of Europe. 

Please be aware that once a theft has been confirmed, your ability to view your vehicle’s location may be temporarily disabled for your own security.

2. Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) Tags

The system is provided with an Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tag as standard. However, you can purchase additional tags by calling our Sales Team on 01257 249 928 (option 3). New tags will pair to the unit automatically once they have been used for the first time.

These tags are powered by a user replaceable coin cell CR2450 battery, Scorpion part number BTY020. The expected battery life is in excess of 1 year. Details on how to replace the battery are included in the System User Guide.

2.3 Lost Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) Tags

If a tag is lost or damaged, we will need to un-assign it from the system but in order to do this you will need all existing tags to be present. This can be done by calling our Technical & Tracking Support team on 01257 249 928 (option 2).



This service is subject to a monitoring subscription and the minimum term is 12 months as stated in the Terms & Conditions of Sale. Unless the tracking unit has been sold with a subscription included, the subscription is due immediately after installation. The system will not be monitored until this has been paid.

Subscription payments are flexible and are intended to offer you as much choice as possible. A full list of subscription options can be found on our website.

You will receive an email containing your log in details when your system is registered. These are important because you will need to log in and verify that the information we hold for you is up to date and accurate.

For your safety it is vital that you alert us of any changes to your contact details so that they are kept current. We would appreciate it if you could also ensure that we have entered an answer to the security question and that you provide us with secondary contact details and as many contact numbers as possible.

Please access www.scorpionauto.com and log-in using the log in details on your welcome email and choose the relevant section from your ‘account overview’ tab to amend or add relevant information. You can pay your subscription renewals online by going to www.scorpionauto.com and accessing your account online or contact via phone on 01257 249 928. There will be some information that cannot be changed – most notably the vehicle registration. For any other issues, please contact our Technical & Tracking Support team on 01257 249 928 (option 2).



In the event of theft, please call us on 01257 240 945. This number should only be used in the event of a theft or an alert. For all other enquiries please contact us on 01257 249 928.

In the event that your vehicle is stolen with your keys but without your ADR tag, by being towed, moved on a low-loader or where you have contacted us to report a theft we will liaise with the police once you have reported the theft to them and received a CRN

At this point, and for your safety, we may block your ability to log in to your account and may not be able to divulge any details of your vehicle’s whereabouts without the express consent of the police dealing with your case. In order to confirm that a theft has taken place we must first contact you and this is why it is vital that you provide us with accurate contact details. We will also have to confirm your identity and will use the security question that you have provided in order to do this.

Once a theft has been established and your identity confirmed, we will continue to monitor your vehicle while you contact the police and obtain a crime reference number. This number is vital for us to ensure that we are able to keep the police up to date on the vehicle’s movements.

We will do our best to keep you advised on developments but there may be some information that we cannot provide for your safety or where the police have advised us not to.

Once your vehicle has been located, you will need to liaise direct with the police on how quickly you are able to recover your vehicle as there are a number of instances where the police may need the vehicle in order to further their enquiries and these are entirely outside of our control.



There may be certain situations where you might prefer not to be contacted and we would be grateful if you were to let us know beforehand. These include:

  • If the vehicle is to travel on a ferry.
  • If the vehicle is on the back of a trailer or low-loader.
  • If the vehicle is being towed.
  • Whilst the vehicle is off the road for any length of time.
  • Where the battery on the vehicle is to be disconnected.
  • Whilst the vehicle is in a garage or body shop.

In the above scenarios, you can activate Transport Mode, Garage Mode or No Alerts Mode from the mobile app or web portal. Alternatively, you can contact the Monitoring Centre on 01257 240 945 to give us notice of these or similar situations.

Please note that where you have notified us of these situations, we may not contact you if the system triggers and it is vital that you let us know, by calling our theft number 01257 240 945, if you suspect that a theft has taken place.



If you have a query that has not been covered in this section, please refer to the System User Guide available online, speak to your Installing Dealer or call us on 01257 249 928.

Q. How do I log in?

Go to www.scorpionauto.com Enter the details from your welcome email or, if you have lost your password, simply select ‘Forgotten your password’ and enter your email address. A new password will be emailed to you.

Q. I have multiple vehicles will I need to log in separately for each one?

You can either log in online at www.scorpionauto.com using your log in details or call us on 01257 249 928. The page will default to the ‘Vehicles’ page where you can choose which vehicle to inspect.

Q. Why do I need to pay a subscription?

Your Scorpion M-Series S5 is an insurance approved tracking system and for this reason must be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This does not mean that we are constantly watching your every move but we would need to contact you in the situations outlined in the Features section. The subscription supports ongoing GSM, data transmission and 24/7/365 monitoring costs.

Q. How will I know when my subscription is due to expire?

You will be sent an email 28 days before your subscription expires. We will also attempt to phone you on the Primary Contact number on your account. After these attempts have been made, if we have still been unable to contact you and your Subscription has expired, your vehicle will no longer be tracked leaving it unprotected.

Q. What should I do when the vehicle changes ownership?

There is a ‘sold my vehicle’ option on the website or you can contact us on 01257 249 928. Any unexpired portion of your subscription can be transferred onto your new vehicle. ScorpionTrack products are known to have added to the resale value of the vehicle or facilitate the sale. With this in mind, you may wish to notify the new owner. Should you no longer own the Vehicle, then no refund, rebate or discount of Subscription Fees is available within the first 12 months from the Commencement Date. After 12 months from the Commencement Date any refund, rebate or discount of Subscription Fees for the unexpired Subscription Term shall be at our sole discretion. You may transfer the Services to a new vehicle at any time upon notice to us, but such new vehicle will require the Equipment (or new Equipment) to be installed by an Authorised Dealer. You will be responsible for the cost of any new Equipment and any such removal and installation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if this is the case.



Our complete Terms & Conditions Of Sale are available online accessed from the webpage footer at: www.scorpionauto.com. However, if you would like a copy emailed or sent to you by post please call us on 01257 249928. If you experience any problems with your ScorpionTrack system, you should contact our Technical & Tracking Support team on 01257 249 928 (option 2).



We do not accept liability for any loss, direct or indirect arising from GSM network or GNSS problems or limitations. For terms and conditions are available online accessed from the webpage footer at: www.scorpionauto.com.



For a comprehensive copy of the System User Guide including details of how to use the various online features, log-in to your online account and enter the username and password details you will have received during the registration process.