Vehicle Security With Built-In Intelligence

Your vehicle is more than just an asset, it’s probably your commute to work, your livelihood or even your holiday memory-making machine. The Defender by Scorpion Automotive combines both an alarm and a tracker, so you can relax knowing that your pride and joy is protected against sudden attack and potential theft. Industry-leading technology has been combined to keep your vehicle safe and give you the highest form of protection.

Thatcham Approved

All units comply to Thatcham Category 2>1 standards meaning you could benefit from reduced insurance premiums for your vehicle.

24 hour monitoring

ScorpionTrack S7, S5 and S5+ trackers are monitored 24/7, all year round, by our dedicated monitoring team who will liaise with police in the event of theft.

Back Up Siren

Our alarms have a battery backup siren, meaning if the power is disconnected from the alarm or siren when the alarm is active, the backup siren will sound.

Theft Recovery

If triggered, the alarm will sound and alert our monitoring team who will contact you to confirm a theft. This is where the combination of a tracker kicks in, allowing us to track your vehicle and aid in recovery if stolen.


The unqiue combination of a ScorpionTrack S7 tracker and a Scorpion S37 Thatcham 2>1 CAN-Bus upgrade alarm. 

RRP £699.00

Includes everything as stated for Defender S7 as well as the addition of Key Clone Protection, coming with driver tags that need to be present when the engine is started.

RRP £949.00

Includes everything as stated for Defender S5 with the addition of Automatic Immobilisation. The vehicle will be immobilised unless the key fob is present and won’t start in the event of theft. 

RRP £1099.00

Whether it’s a car, van or motorhome, there’s a good chance that you made a significant investment in your vehicle, so why not protect it with a Scorpion Defender?

Compatible with our Mobile Applications

The ScorpionTrack desktop and mobile app allows you to remotely access security, safety and convenience features. Manage your journey history, set geofence alerts, view driving behaviour analysis and much more. Available via the App Store and Google Play.

Hardware and Subscription Pricing


Unit Price (including fitting) From £699 From £949 From £1099 From £899
Subscription Prices
S7 S5 S5+
Monthly Subscription £12.49 £13.49 £16.99
1 Year £139 £155 £189
2 Year £239 £255 £289
3 Year £329 £345 £379
4 Year £409 £425 £459
5 Year £479 £495 £529
Life Time Subscription £499 £585 £619
Full Features




24/7 Theft Monitoring
Global Coverage
Thatcham Approved
CAN-Bus Upgrade
Low vehicle battery text
ScorpionTrack App Access
Tow Away & Tamper Alerts
Automatic Health Checks
3 Year Warranty
Low Current Draw (<1ma)
Heavy Duty WaterProof
Remote Immobilisation
Automatic Driver Recognition Tag
RF 4 Button Remote Control
Ultrasonic Volumetric Sensor
Alarm LED Memory
Battery Backup Siren
Output for Additional Siren


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