Exploring the UK in a motorhome allows you to experience its landscapes and heritage directly from the comfort of your mobile home. Here’s why the top destinations are particularly suited for motorhome travel:

The Peak District

The Peak District is renowned for its stunning landscapes, including hills, moors, and dales. It’s also known as the real ale capital of the world. Key attractions include Chatsworth House, Dovedale, and the Ladybower Reservoir, with Alton Towers theme park nearby. The Peak District is ideal for motorhomes due to its extensive network of roads and facilities designed for visitors. With ample parking areas and campsites like Castleton and Alton Star, it caters well to motorhomes, ensuring easy access to its natural beauty and attractions.

Wiltshire and Stonehenge

Wiltshire is filled with picturesque villages and incredible views. It offers the chance to camp near Stonehenge, providing a unique sunrise experience. Salisbury, with its beautiful cathedral city, and Bath, known for its Roman-built baths, are also must-visits. Wiltshire’s landscape is dotted with campsites that offer motorhome visitors a chance to stay close to major attractions. The region’s roads provide scenic drives through villages and countryside, making it a hassle-free experience for motorhomers seeking both natural and historical sites.


Norfolk offers a tranquil escape with the Norfolk Broads, offering big skies and abundant wildlife. Places like the old Roman Fort at Burgh Castle and Wroxham Barns, with its opportunity to feed lambs or spot grey seals, make for delightful visits . Norfolk’s flat landscapes and broads are perfect for motorhome travel, offering easy driving and a variety of campsites. The region is well-equipped for motorhomes, with facilities at places like the Norfolk Broads Motorhome and Caravan site, ensuring visitors can enjoy the serene beauty and abundant wildlife comfortably.

The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye is famed for its rugged landscapes and rich history. Don’t miss Dunvegan Castle, the Sleat Peninsula, and the Trotternish Peninsula for breathtaking natural beauty and a chance to explore the island’s heritage. Skye’s dramatic landscapes are accessible via well-maintained roads, with motorhome-friendly campsites such as Kinloch Campsite and Torvaig Caravan and Camp Site. These sites provide the perfect base to explore the island’s natural and historic sites, making it a rewarding destination for motorhome enthusiasts.

Keswick, The Lake District

Famous for its stunning mountain and water scenery, Keswick is a gateway to exploring the Lake District. A region beloved by Beatrix Potter, Keswick and the Lake District are well-prepared for motorhome visitors, with numerous parks like the East Fleet Touring Park offering stunning views and direct access to the area’s lakes and mountains. The region’s motorhome-friendly facilities make it easy to explore the Lake District’s beauty and its cultural landmarks.

The Lizard National Nature Reserve, Devon

Devon’s Lizard Peninsula welcomes motorhomers with a variety of campsites and parking areas suited for exploring the unique geological and ecological sites. The region’s layout ensures that motorhome travellers can easily navigate and experience the spectacular coastlines and landscapes.

The Argyll Coastal Route, Scotland

For those looking for dramatic landscapes and coastal views, the Argyll Coastal Route in Scotland provides a journey from loch-sides to sea shores and mountain tops, ideal for seafood lovers and history enthusiasts . This coastal route through Scotland offers breathtaking views accessible directly from the comfort of your motorhome. With campsites along the way that cater to motorhomes, travellers can enjoy Scotland’s stunning west coast, from loch-sides to sea shores, and experience the local seafood and history .

Travel and Security

Each of these destinations provides motorhome travellers with unique experiences, combining the freedom of the open road with the comfort of home. From the convenience of well-placed campsites and facilities to the beauty of accessible natural landscapes and historic sites, the UK’s top motorhome destinations cater to a range of interests and make for unforgettable journeys.

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