Discovering that your vehicle has been stolen is a distressing experience that no one wants to face. However, if your vehicle is equipped with a ScorpionTrack tracker, there is a structured and effective process in place to assist in its recovery. This blog post outlines the critical steps taken when a vehicle with a ScorpionTrack tracker is stolen  

Automatic Notification

If the ScorpionTrack tracker detects unauthorised movement, it will automatically notify the ScorpionTrack Monitoring Centre. This can include events like the vehicle being moved without the ignition on or being towed.

Alert Verification

The monitoring centre will attempt to contact you to verify whether the movement is authorised. If they cannot reach you or if you confirm the vehicle is being stolen, they will proceed with the recovery process.

Real-Time Tracking

The ScorpionTrack system provides real-time location tracking of your vehicle. The monitoring centre can track the vehicle’s movements and provide live updates.

Police Liaison

The monitoring centre will liaise directly with the police, providing them with the vehicle’s location data. This helps the police in their efforts to recover the stolen vehicle quickly

Vehicle Recovery

Due to the accurate real-time tracking, the police can be guided to the vehicle’s precise location, significantly increasing the chances of a swift recovery.

Additional Features

Depending on your ScorpionTrack model, additional features such as remote immobilisation can be activated to prevent the vehicle from being driven further, aiding in its recovery.

Insurance Benefits

Having a ScorpionTrack tracker installed can also be beneficial for your insurance claims. Some insurance companies offer lower premiums for vehicles with approved tracking systems, and the successful recovery of your vehicle can prevent a total loss claim.


Once the vehicle is recovered, the monitoring centre and the police will coordinate with you
for the return of your vehicle.
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